Saturday, October 27, 2007

Teow Chew Porridge

This is the 1st time we have our supper gathering at a teow chew porridge stall, previously was prata n food courts, so try something new.

Went to mum's place after I fetch Little DinoEgg from his school n had our dinner there then made our way home around 830pm. Reached home at 8.50pm, gave Little DinoEgg his milk and made him sleep for a while.

At 10pm we were out of the house, took a cab to there. We thought we were early but mins after we arrived we saw Bec then Diana+family. As we have more then 10 pple coming we have to wait a while before we managed to get 2 tables side by side. After settling down, Wendy+Mike arrives, we chatted while waiting for the rest to come, then Amy+Romi arrives, more chatting (hahaha~ catching up on things lah) then Diana suggest we order our food as she is hungry heee~ actually I am also hungry but all these chatting sort of made me forget about that.

The men went to order the food while we ladies sit back n continue chatting. so much things to talk about! There were catching up with Diana coz its been donkey years since we last met up, then Amy's pregnancy, Wendy's BKK trip, Bec's swollen eyes (again!) etc. Hey how come no one ask me about me n Little DinoEgg??? Demi is such an angel~ She really looks like an angel, with her chubby cheekc n big round eyes. Melts ur heart when u see her. And wow~ think she is chubbier then Little DinoEgg when he was at her age.

Learnt a trick of two from Diana on how to control kids, yupe Ryan was being naughty and got the warning from his Dun-Mess-With-Me Mum. Her method works! Record in my little book, next time can use on Little DinoEgg when he is naughty. Maybe send him to the walls too like Ryan wahahaha~

The food came n its was delicious just by looking at it! Too bad I dun have camera with me, rushed out n left it on the table :( There were the duck, the pig's trotter, peanuts, crispy some kind of small fish (like ikan bilis), jiu cai, chilli minced meat with mushroom, spicy la-la n chilli clams. Yummy!! Everyone enjoyed their porridge, even Little DinoEgg. While eating, Adeline called, they were lost.... She called a few of us a few times but we did not hear our phone rings as it was too noisy at the stall. Sorry Adeline, it was not our intentions to missed your calls for help. After several calls n directions given, she & Willie finally made it, YEAH!!!

While eating, I text Elaine, asking her whether she is on the way, no respond... thought maybe she did not hear the phone. Some time later, she replied... "sorry we fell asleep, now on our way.." *faintz* I brought her loots, if she dun turn up I am going to sell her loots in yahoo wahahha~ A while later she+Shawn+Shane finally showed up, follow by Jessie. They sat down to enjoy their porridge while chatting with us. Woah, eating n chatting at the same time? Indigestion!! But who cares~~ hahaa~

Diana left early as both Ryan n Demi are tired, Ryan is cranky n is getting alot of warnings from her. So better leave before Ryan fall asleep on the chair.

Little Shane has grown n change so much~ His face looks so different from that day we saw him on 15 Sept, Shyann's birthday party. Looking more n more handsome, sure gonna attract alot of girls when he is old, watch out Elaine hehehe~ A few of us carried him while Elaine enjoys her porridge, then when Adeline carried him, he fell asleep~ he must be feeling so comfy in Adeline's arms that he decides its safe to go to sleep.

We continue to chat n Jessie left at 1am, after a while we also decided to break it up as its really late plus Amy has got to work tomorrow. Oh ya, some of us brought some fish balls+fish cakes back, compliments from Andy ~THANKS ANDY, NEXT TIME SHARKS FINS OK??~ We took Romi's car as its on their way (according to them, i also not very sure) ~THANKS ROMI+AMY FOR THE RIDE HOME~

Reached home around 2am... quickly give Little DinoEgg a towel wipe as he prespired alot, change clothes n pat him to sleep.
More gatherings and I promise (again) that I will remember to bring my camera!!! Good nite everyone~
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