Wednesday, November 14, 2007

15th Months Milestones

Milestones time!!!

Ok, first thing first. Little DinoEgg had a bump on his right forehead again… And how did this happen? On Monday morning, after he pray to Buddha, dunno how he turn or walk, he fell FLAT ON HIS FACE!!! Cry super loud!! Initially I thot he has knocked on his chin but upon close inspection, saw that its his forehead. The bump came out almost immediately!!! Imagine I can see it in the semi dark environment (still early around 7am+sky is dark and I did not switch on lights since we are leaving house soon). Applied herudoid on his forehead… granny is going to heartbroken again….

Recently his favorite word is DWEE~DWEE~ Over the passed weekend, amidst his usual blabbering its DWEE~DWEE~ the whole day!! Its either “ma-ma~ *point to something* dwee~dwee~ ehhh~aahhh~” or “dwee~dwee~” follow by his silly laughter. DWEE~DWEE~ DWEE~DWEEEEE~~~

And you know what? Little DinoEgg knows his eyes, ears, mouth n nose ssssoo happy!!! He can point to his or yours when u ask him “where is ur nose/ears/eyes/mouth?” All thanks to the child care teachers~ NOW must teach him the Chinese version hehehe~ And I think as most of his child care teachers are either Malays or Filipino, he is more exposed to English then to Mandarin. Plus at home we speak to him in English too. Thus I have to change strategy, must speak more Mandarin to him so that he can be bilingual. Also he can then irritate Granny with all his blabbering n in future all his endless questions hehehe~

Over the weekend, he has learnt to climb up our sofa. Dun be mistake, this is not slow in motor skill or what. Its just that we have prevented him from climbing up the sofa when he was younger lest he fall down etc. Now that he can walk very steadily (even can stand on 1 leg n while holding on to something, swing n do the kicking action with his other leg), we have allowed him to climb up. We only showed him once how to climb up and this clever boy already got the idea n happily climbing up, sat down n grinz so proudly. Next thing we know… he is standing ON the sofa doing his little dance, leaning over the arm rest risking toppling over it n landing head first onto the floor *aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!*

He now knows that when ever he goes into a house, must sit down and take off his shoes n socks. He can pull the Velcro off the shoes but still dunno how to remove them, he knows must pull the socks out but sometimes the socks are a little bit tight so regardless of how hard he pull, the socks wun burge. I have to help him by pulling the socks down over his heels n he will pull it out. After pulling out the socks, he will put them into the shoe nicely :)

Ok, when its 15 months, it also means that time for MMR. So Little DinoEgg will be going for the jab this Sat 17 Nov’07. Hopefully everything goes on smoothly and PLS NO FEVER OK!!! I am so scared of him getting fever….

Hmm.. think tts about all I can think off, at such hours… hungry but lunching with dear ol’sis n only meeting her at 1pm… Brain abit empty due to the hungriness haha~ Ok going off soon~

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