Thursday, November 15, 2007

Where my Hands land will cause pain

This evening went to fetch Little DinoEgg from child care, teacher complained to me that this little rascal is BEATING HIS FRIENDS!!!! *faint faint n triple faintzzzz* She says when they were at the play area, Little DinoEgg will be walking around then he will swing his arm n hit1 of the baby then continue to walk (pretending nothing happened), walk another round, find another target and "tong" down goes his arms. When teacher caught him n told him cannot do that, he will use his hands to cover his face as if crying. I know that he jolly well KNOW that it is WRONG to do tt thus that kind of action.

*aaarrrrgggghhhhhhh* now cracking my head on wat to do with him. He is ok when he is around the gang's kiddos. Did not bully them or watsoever, maybe occasionally fighting over toys, NEVER beat bite push etc....

I think I will give green light to the teachers to punish him if he does that again. Put him in a corner with no toys etc like wat we have been doing at home. Heard from Eunice that her Princecss Reiko is also at the "beat u-scold u" stage... OMG!!!! haiz.... more headache for us lor....

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