Friday, November 16, 2007

If I have toys in my hand, BEWARE!!!!

This morning called up the child care centre to speak to Little DinoEgg’s teacher. Talked to teacher Adeline, trying to find out whether Little DinoEgg’s act yesterday was intentionally or he is treating it as playing coz he behaves well when among the gang’s kiddos. She say its not those intentionally hitting of the kids nor the hit was hard. Just that Little DinoEgg was holding on to a rattler n he uses that to “hit” some of the frens.

I told teacher Adeline such act must be stopped coz what if in future it escalates to those bully kinda of hitting? Then I will get a lot of complains from the mummies!!! GOSH! I dun want that kind of trouble!! I told teacher Adeline to stop him when he is doing that and to punish him by putting him at 1 corner with no toys etc. If he cries let him be coz this is wat we have been doing at home. Teacher Adeline says ok and we hung up.

Hopefully today Little DinoEgg stops this nonsense act otherwise its frequent “go 1 corner n reflect on ur behavior”.

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