Thursday, November 22, 2007

Clara AGAIN!!

Went to fetch Little DinoEgg, the caretaker led him out n I saw traces of tears in his eyes. Caretaker showed me his left arm... a clear teeth mark on it!!! CLARA HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!!!!!

Auntie say Clara just bit him on the hand, n at this moment Clara came out with traces of tears at her eyes too. I was unhappy, so I spoke to the child "Oh Clara u bit Ah Zheng again arh?", then from the corner of my eyes I saw her dad, then I quickly add "Y? This is the SECOND time already u know?". Auntie says "Oh izzit???", teacher Nita "Oh Mummy is countying ya??!!" I replied " Ya!! the FIRST time was ON HIS BACK!" I hope the dad heard me, apparantly he DID, coz he wagged his finger at Clara n scolded her. BUT he did not even offer an apology to US!!!

Auntie says "oh.. this time he went to provoke Clara tts why got bitten." I was like "Ya so wat? can anyhow bite pple?" #%U&%$^**(%^$#_+*(!$%^^

While walking home, I have a talked with Little DinoEgg, told him not to go near Clara lest she sink her teeth on him; any parts of him, not to play with Clara, not to talk to Clara... KEEP A DISTANCE AWAY FROM HER!!!

Did not tell Granny otherwise she will sure be feel heart pain... her little grandson got bullied again at school....
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