Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm Amazed

A few hours out with Little DinoEgg really amazes me.

On Monday 19 Nov’07 we went out to attend to Simon’s ROM, while walking towards the LRT station, he saw the LRT train approaching the station n suddenly wave n say “bye train”. Whenever I see the train approaching or leaving the train station from the streets, I will tell Little DinoEgg “oh dear, there goes the train, we missed it. Say bye-bye train~” Most of the time he will either look at the train, ignore it or simply ignore me. But that day, he saw the train 1st and said bye plus a slight wave. So now he knows how to say the word TRAIN.

We proceeded to Plaza Singapura as I need to go to bank, after which we walked around for a while since its still early. We walked pass the shop that sells fishes, there is 1 row of fish tanks n we stopped by to admire the goldfishes swimming in the fish tanks. Little DinoEgg was very excited to see these little golden thing swimming around the tank, keeps laughing n giggling. Then he did something….he put his hand together n did the fish action, then he smile n say “FISH FISH”. Wow~ I am so surprise! Not only can he say the word “fish” but to do tt action… really must thanks the teachers in the child care.

I have been singing the “caught a fish song” since he was 11mths old but till now he did not try to say the word “fish” or even count with me, was sort of disappointed BUT his sudden burst of word FISH gives me confidence again! I believe if I continue to sing or read to him, one day he will start to chatter non stop.

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