Thursday, November 1, 2007

Library Books

Okie, earlier on while talking to Adeline, she showed me the Starfish, birds, Purfins, Seals, Drifting wood, Boats....... which little Kayton like alot. She was kind enough to ask me if I wanna borrow this book for Little DinoEgg, I was thinking "should I?" but the weight of the book turns me off coz my bag was kinda heavy. Thanks alot Adeline.

Anyway while on the train, I keep thinking to myself, perhaps I should head down to the library and see if I can grab books for Little DinoEgg too. However I was thinking of it half heartedly...

When I reach Compass Point, I went straight to the food court coz I was real hungry, after I settle my tummy, I came out n as if there were some kind of a string that is attached to me, I was being pulled into the Library automatically. The library is just a few shops away from the food court.

So there I was, wondering around the children section trying to find some interesting books for Little DinoEgg. Hey! I even found Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? But it was tattered n full of folds... must have been read by alot of children :)

After spending around half an hour in the library, I came out with 3 books;

1. Kipper Storyboards - Swing
2. Sid's Surprise
3. Fish. Swish! Splash. Dash!

Satisfied with myself, I made my way out of the library, so its reading time this weekend!
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