Friday, November 9, 2007


Earlier when having dinner at granny's, Little DinoEgg did something very wrong! Granny was feeding him n he starts to spit the rice out then play with it. Granny was angry, scolded him but he think its so fun n starts giggles. After cleaning up granny wanted to take the bowl to continue feed him, this naughty boy slapped granny's hand n the bowl went CRASH!! onto the floor breaking into pieces, the rice n veggies all spilled on the floor.

I was SSSOOOOO mad!!! I carried him to a corner scolded him n tell him cannot do tt, then smacked both of his hands many times n hard, till the back of his hand are red! Of course he cried n did he famous "bang head onto the floor" act... so there he was bent forward, head down n crying loudly. You think he has repented, YOU ARE WRONG! After crying for like 2-3mins he starts to play with his saliva -_- n starts giggling. He wanted to stand up n walk away, I shouted at him sternly to SIT DOWN. And down he went... into his crying position. He did tt twice n I ordered him to sit down, n he continue to cry. I am not giving in. If I dun teach him now, he will think that food is a toy.

So mad with him! Told mum not to give him any food, but being granny, of course she will not. After she cleaned up the mess, she made another bowl of rice for Little DinoEgg.

GOSH!!! How can my son be so naughty!!!

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