Thursday, November 8, 2007


Its Deepavali, how can we let this holiday gone by without some celebration?! Are you ready for some yummy food??? Here goes~

Daddy Loh cooked up one yummy dinner again hee~ Wendy bought roast duck, Diana bought roast chicken, Romi brought 4 cartons of drinks, Jessie did jellies, Ms Bec cooked prawns n Adeline brought watermelon n honeydew (forgot to take pictures of the jellies n fruits, sorry~). Wow the food is enough to feed a VILLAGE!!

I simply gotta show these pictures of Demi n Mirabel trying out that piggy costume which Diana bought for little Demi.

Pictures take during the gathering, not much thou coz I was busy handling Little DinoEgg while Daddy Loh cook. well I have help from Romi, Mike, Diana etc who help me to carry Little DinoEgg when I need to attend to something ~THANKS GUYS~

Well I can sit down an hour plus after everyone went home to blog on today's event coz Ms Bec, auntie Josie n Diana helped us to washed the pots, bowls, plates n utencils ~MILLION OF THANKS LADIES~ *MUACKZ* And especially Diana who went home last, I just cannot stop her from NOT washing n cleaning up the table!!! GOSH!! You are my guests u know Ms Diana! Make so embarassed.... No more next time har!

Super tired... Little DinoEgg sleep straight after I clean him n changed his clothes. He had a tiring day too :P

Hey peeps! I hope all of you had a wonderful, enjoyable, yummy n fulfilled (referring to ur tummys lah) day at our humble house today. Happy Deepavali to you!!

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