Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Teacher, do I look weird?

This morning was raining so decided to let Little DinoEgg wear romper instead of tee n shorts. I put on the leg warmers I bought from Itsy Bitsy, first time wearing it. As I did not open the umbrella as we are under sheltered walkway all the way to the bus stop, I let Little DinoEgg wear the GAP denim jacket n GAP hat lest the wind is cold n the rain hits him. He look so cute n warm, too bad did not managed to take a photo of him.

We were early today, reached school around 7.10am, most of the children are not there yet. Little DinoEgg was in cranky mood this morning while at home but he was in happier mood when we reached the school. When we were at the school door step, he did a little dance n wave happily at the teachers.

When the teacher saw him, they smile at his little dance. Then I caught 1 of the teacher's eye; its like "What is Little DinoEgg wearing at his legs???!!!". She looked at Little DinoEgg n looked at me with a confused look. hahahha~ Teacher~ its a leg warmer lah!

I turned and walk away after Little DinoEgg went into the school, while walking it suddenly struck me that Little DinoEgg was one of the best dressed kid in school. The rest of his friends wear those rompers or clothes bought at KP or they get it in the neighbourhood (wish I have time to do that!!!) while Little DinoEgg most of the time are in GAP, Old Navy, The Children's Place, Mothercare clothes... Even his denim jacket n windbreaker are from GAP. The teacher must be thinking this mummy very rich, buy all branded clothes for her baby. Wrong my dear teachers!!! I bought all these from sprees which cost half the price or lesser then if buy locally hehehe~

Anyway, what a waste that I did not take a picture of Little DinoEgg in his new leg warmers~ Next time MUST take *grinz*

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