Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Joined nuffnang some time in Sept/Oct'07, did not really take note or bother about this coz initially its just 1 small banner at a corner of my blog. Started to go into nuffnang website when I have advertisements in my blog.

That banner at that corner always seems to draw me into nuffnang website. So for the pass weeks, I went in to surf around when I am free in the office. Then I saw a section where it will show new nuffnang members. Being KPO (haha~) n curious to see other's blog, I clicked n went into their blog. Saw some of the nuffnang members left a tag so I follow hehe~

Been reading some of their blogs, some of them are so young~~ teenagers!!! GOSH!!! Now that their exams are over, guess they are out celebrating :D Find that other people have really nice blogskins, wonder where they get it from... maybe 1 day I'll ask Daddy Loh to search for a nice one n help me "paste" into my blog wahahha~

Guess I'll be visiting n reading more of other's blog when ever I have free time in office, great way to pass time ya.

And I like my Uniquely Singapore ads, its cool~ TO NUFFNANG!!! YEAH!!!

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