Sunday, November 4, 2007

Regan's baby shower

Woke up around 730am n heard Little DinoEgg playing with his toys alone. Decided to laze on the bed longer since he did not make noise. Finally dragged myself up at around 8am, went to the toilet to wash up, Little DinoEgg heard me and came looking for me. He was outside the toilet making that "Dar~" sound n looking for me. When I open the toilet door, he was soooo happy to see me.

Changed his diaper n fed him milk. Let him watch tv n play with his toys. Then put him to nap around 1030am as later in the afternoon need to attend Regan's baby shower @ 2.30pm. Thought he will take his usual 1hour+ nap, who knows he sleep till 2pm then wake up!! Quickly give him milk n shower him. By the time we step out of the house its already 3pm. Lucky Eunice stays close-by, but that bus 163 takes ages to come....

By the time we set foot in Eunice's house, its around 3.30pm. So many people have arrived! Eunice's relatives, Charmaine+family, Darren+Ganden+Rinzen, Cat+family, YenLing+little Ryan, Bec+Amber+Andy. Everything is so blur to me coz I was still having running nose. The blocked nose is giving me pounding headache -_-

The food is yummy, Little DinoEgg enjoy the fried rice n tofu. He dun like the curry though, cried n use his fingers to scrape his tongue hahah~ I accidentally gave him a tofu with the spoon stained with abit of curry lah. We stayed for a while then left at around 4.45pm coz MIL is coming up our house at 5pm.

Before we head for home, we pop by that Chinese Medical Hall to buy some diaper cream. Little DinoEgg got a Finding Nemo puzzle from the shop assistant, think its sort of free gift for kiddos who goes into their shop. Little DinoEgg was so amused by tt big eyed clown fish.

Headed home n MIL not there yet *phew*, changed Little DinoEgg then relax while waiting for MIL. She came shortly, bought fish n rice for Little DinoEgg but he did not eat coz he ate quite alot of food at Eunice's house. MIL was so happy to see Little DinoEgg. Surprisingly Little DinoEgg stick to grandma like glue! He let her carry him all the while, where he used to run away or struggle when grandma carry him. Not long later FIL came too, he bought our dinner~ We sat down for dinner n MIL fed Little DinoEgg, which surprises us too. So today his best friend is grandma haha~ However he is scared of grandpa, he will run n hide when grandpa talks to him, perhaps its coz he seldom see grandpa n see grandma more often.

MIL & FIL stayed till almost 9pm then left. Guess they enjoy playing with their precious grandson.

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