Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This morning told Little DinoEgg's teacher that he had MMR jab, so have to look out for any fever signs. Plus told her Little DinoEgg got the flu n cough again *sigh*... then I casually say"hope none of his friends in the group is sick." Teacher says "OH~! They are getting better!!!"

In my heart I was thinking... ya they are recovering coz they pass the virus to MY SON!!!

I really have to find some ways to boost Little DinoEgg's immune system! He keep getting sick every 2 weeks or so... This time with his MMR jab, even higher chance of getting fever again...

BUT NO FEAR!! I am armed with some stuffs I bought in spree, some cooling patches n cooling blankets. Hopefully it will help bring the fever down down down n gonez!

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