Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And they all fall down~

Yesterday after Simon+Ya-ya's ROM, sis, me n mum went to Funan for some food as Chu Farn says he is hungry. We decided to have Ya-Kun toast bread. While sis went to buy the food, mum took this chance to go toilet n I am left with 3 kiddos; Chu Farn, Han-han n Little DinoEgg.

Little DinoEgg was in happy mood dispite the fact tt he is badly in need of his afternoon nap. He was walking around the shop smiling to everyone. Cousin Han-han was standing there, stoned, too scared to move. Then suddenly Little DinoEgg saw Cousin Han-han, walked up to her n decided to give her a bear hug.

His sudden move caught Cousin Han-han off guard, she gave him a blur look then she lost her balance. 2 babies fell down... and knocked their head on the floor *OMG*... ... and both cry very loudly... ... Everyone was looking at ME!!!

Anyway, this is the 1st time Little DinoEgg hugged his Cousin Han-han. Usually he is very jealous of her, he will push her away when she is in his way; or when Granny wanna feed Cousin Han food/drink, he will purposely cry n ask Granny to carry OR sit in between Granny n Cousin Han, or he will snatch toys fm Cousin Han.

And you know what is the best part??? The best part IS, Cousin Han dun fight back wahahaha~~~ I always tell sis, its coz Cousin Han keep bullying Little DinoEgg when they were younger tts y now Little DinoEgg is taking his revenge hee~

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