Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You wanna be a Bully?

Today went off work on the dot as I want to reach Little DinoEgg's child care centre slightly early so that I can catch hold of any of his teachers. Wanted to find out whether he has been spitting out his food to play with them since he has been doing it quite often at home.

To my surprise teacher say he did not, ALWAYS finishes his meals, sometimes cry if he wants more BUT NEVER spit n play with food. He also ALWAYS finishes his 240ml of milk. The teacher told me that whenever they are preparing for food, Little DinoEgg will be the first be at the pantry area, calling out "mum-mum mum-mum!!!", teacher have to tell him to WAIT WAIT WAIT! Meals time are peaceful too, he will sit down n finishes all his food till teacher gives him the water, after which he will walk away to the play area. Milk time too! Finishes his milk and sometimes will stretch out his hands with the empty milk bottle to the teacher expecting them to take the milk bottle from him. However teacher always tell him to get up and put the milk bottle on the table himself, which he does.

Its a totally different scenario at home!!

Of course he will still come running if he knows or sees that I am preparing his cereal/rice/porridge. But he cannot sit down and finishes his food! He always stand up and walk around the coffee table after a few mouthful of food. We have to keep pulling him back to sit down, but off he went after 1-2 mouthful of food. Milk time is a "better-keep-an-eye" on him mode lest he plays with the milk bottle by turning it upside down n letting the milk drip onto the mattress *aarrrgggghhhhhh* Or he will shake shake the milk bottle, sometimes shake too hard milk also spill out *faintz*. One thing that is the same as in school is he will bring the bottle and put on the coffee table, then he will insist on putting the milk bottle cap on. And if our hands are not fast enough, he will grab the milk bottle n run away. Then it will be the start of some wresttling game; wrestle the milk bottle out of his clutches.

Teacher tells me that some of the other mummies also commented that their child is a monster at home; never sit down quietly to finish food, dun finish milk etc etc... She says perhaps the child see that all his friends are eating n drinking together so they behave themselves and do the same too.

If thats the case then what am I suppose to do at home??? He is bullying us at home while being an Angel in school!!! Any attempt to restrain or prevent him from moving will result in some protesting cries. Maybe I should record down their meals time then when Little DinoEgg is eat or drinking, I play the CD hahaha~

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