Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tuzki and Q

How do you Q?

Tuzki believes blogging is the next best thing to long walks on the beach and late night snack runs. With a life as rich and eventful as his, he loves the way he can quickly upload entries and photos while he's away from home. With the Moto Q, you can blog from anywhere by uploading your most spontaneous photo and text entries to an MSN Spaces account. Broadcast your hijinks to the whole world without a second wasted!

With Windows Live(TM), MOTO Q makes blogging a cinch: upload your photos and text entries to your MSN Space anywhere. MOTO Q comes with a 2 megapixel camera which lets you take clear and sharp images. You can browse your friends’ blogs directly through Windows Live(TM) Messenger and be the first to respond. You can express yourself anytime, anywhere without using a PC.

Tuzki divides his free time between entertainment and food. The MOTO Q, unfortunately, is only able to help with the former. (At least it does so with brilliant ease.)
You may have spotted this little bunny running around on the web or attached to your instant messages as a lively emoticon. He's got charm, he's got wit and now he's got the new Motorola Q. Get a closer look at the features of the Q with Tuzki as your fearless guide. The website is chock full of exclusive downloads and fun extras that will bring Tuzki to life! Log on to now!

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