Wednesday, December 5, 2007

December 2007 "Holiday" Plan

My office will be closed from 24th Dec'07 till 01 Jan'08. I was ssooo happy, coz at last I can have some time alone; even planned what I am going to do during this 1 week break. Send Little DinoEgg to child care, come back laze around, do my backlog work/things, nap/shopping trips then be in time to fetch Little DinoEgg home.

Then teacher burst my bubble.... she told me on 24th & 31st Dec'07 child care centre will open half day (fair enough, since its eve of a Xmas & New Year), then she said centre will be closed on 26th & 27th Dec'07 too....

Means I will have to take care of Little DinoEgg most of the week!!!! There goes my laze-around plan *sob sob* NEVERTHELESS!!! All shall be fine! I can change my plan to include this little rascal. Go shopping with him, that would be fun too :) So Ms Jessie~ If I ask u out for a shopping trip, are you on?? :D

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