Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sleepless in SengKang (Part 5)

We slept barely 3 hours last night as Little DinoEgg was making noise. He went to bed at his usual bed time but woke up around 1am coughing very badly. After that he started to whine n cry n cough n toss on his bed, he just couldn’t goes back to sleep. Fed him the cough medicine but it does not help at all, he still cough non stop till he makes the vomiting sound.

After a while he seems to feel a little bit comfortable, think the medicine has taken effect, making him drowsy but not strong enough to make him fall asleep.

3am+ he had the runs… alot…. Daddy says “poo flows out like tap water” n we used up half a ¾ full pack of wet wipes to clean him and the waterproof mat. And u know what, Little DinoEgg still can giggle n laugh *faintz*

Lucky thing is after he pooped, he feels much better n starts to feel tired n sleepy. Think he fell asleep soon or after a while, I did not notice coz I knocked out the minute my head hit the pillow.

This morning met Little DinoEgg’s teachers and told them what happened earlier, told them he has very bad cough too. Both of them feel so heart pain when they heard that. Told the teachers to feed him the diarrhea n cough medicine, also to feed him more water as he does not take any fluid other then his milk. Also he seems to be better behave while at the centre, at least he drinks n finishes his water n food.

Lunch time called up child care centre to find out how is Little DinoEgg doing, was told that he still has the runs (twice in the morning), no fever though, he did not finish his lunch. When teacher try to feed him, he did the vomiting gesture. Teacher say will monitor him closely today.

Seeing this little fella suffering really makes us feel helpless, really hope we can just take away all the pain n illness from him.

Get well soon son!!

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