Thursday, December 6, 2007

V is for...

When Little DinoEgg started his diarrhea episode on Monday, Daddy bought him to the PD. After checking, PD says its because there was a disturbance on the bacteria balance in the stomach thus he is having the runs. PD prescribed Lact GG, which is the good bacteria, to restore the balance. She also say this Lact GG can be found in Vitagen.

After considering, we decided to include Vitagen as 1 of the must-have item in our fridge, thus I placed a home delivery order on Wednesday. So its 2 packs of Vitagen per week; 1 pack of original n 1 pack of peach flavor. Out of the 10 bottles, maybe 1 or 2 bottles (high chance is only 1 bottle haha!) for Little DinoEgg, the rest will be enjoyed by Daddy n Mummy :P

Surprisingly the Vitagen auntie (whom we always see around our block) came n deliver our Vitagen on the same day; the order form states it takes 2 weeks for order to be processed. We were enjoying our Vitagen while watching TV, Little DinoEgg was watching us curiously, wondering what is that small bottle of thing we are drinking. Well son, none for u today as you already had your dose of Lact GG. This weekend ok :)

“V for Vitagen
V for Vitagen
V!!! It’s the healthier choice!”

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