Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mirabel's Birthday Party

So excited today! We are going to Wendy's house to attend Mirabel's 2nd birthday party! Everything went on well as planned till its almost time to go out. Little DinoEgg refuse to nap and finally went to sleep close to 3pm, the time which we were suppose to leave the house! No choice let him sleep for about an hour and we woke up him. However, as he did not have enough sleep he was super cranky! After he drank his milk, he was still sleepy and protest so loudly when changing his diaper n clothes. He only quiet down n smile when we open the door to step out of the house.

We reached Wendy's house after 5pm (there was a bad jam at CTE, so have to take a longer route instead), everyone was there. We even missed the cake cutting session *sob sob*, I don't even know how the cake look like :( And the best part is, I brought camera but did not take a single picture as I was busy eating, feeding Little DinoEgg, chatting with the girls, playing with the kiddos etc *guilty* Lucky the rest took some nice pictures :) I steal it from their blogs haha~ (and and and... Ms Elaine use her new pink pink camera today, its such a cool camera~)

Had a good time chatting with Wendy, Rebecca & Amy as we were the last few to stay on after the party ends. We stayed till almost 9pm then leave Wendy's house. Today is also the 1st time I see Lecarde~ such a handsome boy! Look so much like mummy :) Oh today we have free paus from Andy!! We took back chicken, char siew n pork paus, yummy!! ~THANKS REBECCA & ANDY~

Came back from Mirabel's 2nd birthday party n WOW feel so tired!!! Little DinoEgg was still playing happily a while ago at Wendy's house and was still overly excited when we were on the way home. He almost dozed off while in the cab, but woke up when we reached. Gave him milk, pat him for a while n he sleeps like a log.

Today we are so proud of Little DinoEgg. He was holding on to a toy and a little girl (actually is Manfred's cousin) came up and tried to snatched the toys from him. Little DinoEgg looked at her and refuse to let go, me n daddy saw tt and we say to him "boy, let jie-jie have the toy pls", he unwillingly let the toy go without any protest *Good Job Son!!!*

Here are the pictures I stole from Adeline

And the ones I stole from Elaine

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