Thursday, December 20, 2007

A little something

Look what i did to give to Little DinoEgg's teachers for christmas *grinz... so proud of myself*

Teacher's Gift
- Book mark $0.85 (UP $1 but I have member's discount)
- Gift Tag1 $0.25 each Gift Tag2 $0.20 each
- Plastic bag $0.45
- Ribbons $0.67
Total amount = $2.22 each

There was a small hiccup, I started wrapping the gift on Tuesday and realised that I did not buy enough gift tag. So this morning I went to Compass Point to buy some more but found that it was sold out! Walked the whole shopping centre and did not managed to find the gift tag that comes with the string. Was so pissed and called Jessie to ask her whether Toa Payoh has got Mini Toons as I bought my gift tags there. She told me no and my heart sank to the floor... but she offered to look for some when she is at Sun Plaza later. And guess what??!!! She got a pack for me, though its different one but at least I have gift tags ya? ~THANKS JESSIE!!! U SAVED MY DAY!!!~

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