Friday, December 21, 2007

No More Clara... at least for now...

This morning when we reached child care, I carried Little DinoEgg to the door instead of letting walk to the door, this is so I can show the teachers what Clara has done to him. I told the teachers that I am very upset with this incident as this is the worst bite so far! They saw the bite marks and feel so sorry for Little DinoEgg. Those friends who saw the bite marks yesterday would have agreed with me that its really a very bad bite. 1 of the teacher told me that Little DinoEgg went to snatched a toy from Clara thats why she got angry n bite him. I do agree that accidents happens and teachers cannot be with each and every kid every seconds, but its very stressful n upsetting to see your kid gets bite marks here n there once in every few weeks.

Teacher told me that Clara is moving up to playgroup today so no more with the mobile infants group. I was not happy too coz in 2 months time Little DinoEgg will be in playgroup, means will be with her again!! Teacher assured me that by then she should not bite people as she will know how to express herself etc. I did not comment anything, we shall wait and see.

Well for now, at least no more bitting from Clara... and hopefully Little DinoEgg do not start bitting other kids too (remember he bite Clara once few weeks ago?)

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