Sunday, December 23, 2007

The morning after

Feeling super tired today... slept @ 2am+ after updating my blog and woke up at 4am+ when Little DinoEgg suddenly starts crying n screaming. Think he had too much excitment yesterday, having nightmares :( Carried him to my bed and tried to pat him to sleep, instead he open his eyes wide n stared at me, at least he is not screaming. He was playing with his hippo then soon after fell asleep, n its 5am+

I woke up around 830am when I heard Little DinoEgg blabbering to himself in the living room, playing with his toys. Kept my eyes shut to laze for a while n at the same time keep my ears "open" lest this little fella get into trouble. After a while I heard pitter-patter sound of Little DinoEgg's feet. He stood beside me, look at me then laid his head on my tummy. When I did not give him any respond, he just stood there quietly. I decided its time to wake up coz I think Little DinoEgg is hungry, so I opened my eyes. When he saw tt he was very happy, smile so sweetly at me n took my specs from the side table n gave it to me. So clever~ Mummy's lovely sweet boy *muackz*

Dragged myself out of bed and went to boil the water, wash up n make milk for Little DinoEgg. Now he is taking his morning nap n I am still feeling zoombie typing blog entry hee~

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