Sunday, December 23, 2007

Xmas BBQ Party

So excited!!! Finally today is the day! Our xmas BBQ party @ Shawn & Elaine's humble house!!!!

Today we make sure Little DinoEgg has enough naps so that all of us can enjoy at the party. And true enough we all did. And today, we are not the last to arrive :) Here are the pictures~

For more pictures please visit Adeline & Elaine's blog as we were the 3 photographers for the night :) Oh and Adeline's new digi cam is also PINK~~ PINK LOVERS!

All the kiddos have a wonderful time, no tears were shed even though there were the usual snatching of toys. They enjoyed all the yummy food. We adults also enjoy the food, there are otahs, sambal sotong, sambal stingrays, satays, chicken wings, chicken chops, pork chops, mashed whipped potato (with lotsa ingredients inside), salad, fishball, taiwan sausages, hotdogs, crabsticks and also A&W, Anything & Whatever.

What is christmas without presents???!!!! We did a christmas gift exchange for the kiddos; well Little DinoEgg did not get it as we bought a gift for each of the kiddos instead :) Hope you like the gifts we got for you.

If you see my photos, you would have see Little DinoEgg grabbing a tiny tiny swimming pool. Well, he seems to like it very much and wanted to sit inside the pool. However every where he goes with it; the TV room, living room n even along the walkway, the minute he put it down onto the floor the others will come and try to snatch it from him or sit inside the pool. Little DinoEgg was very upset (as u can see from 1 of the photo), so I led him to the porch, away from the kiddos n asked him to put tt pool down. And finally he can sit his butt in the pool, and gave me a very satisfied look ~isn't he cute~

We stayed till quiet late, with all the eating n chatting at such comfortable place, sure do not feel like going home just yet. Plus with the TV playing Barney, Wheels on the Bus, Elmo's World etc to entertain the kiddos, we can steal some R&R at the living room.

Thanks Elaine & Shawn for hosting this party! And to Auntie Josie who keep helping us BBQ the food. Sorry Wendy, everytime have to ask Auntie Josie to help us do things...

A pity Jessie & kiddos could not make it :( Denise fell down n injured her leg. Hope she recovers soon *hugz to Denise* Diana & Family too as they have prior arrangement. Nevermind!!! Next week we shall see them~

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