Monday, December 17, 2007

New Taxi fare charges

This morning took a cab with Little DinoEgg to school as I was feeling very tired. Did not have a good night rest, I was woke up constantly as Little DinoEgg was coughing the whole night. He even head-butted me in the back *ouch*

Today is also the start of the new taxi fare. I told myself to be prepared to pay more then the usual taxi fare but to my surprise it was much cheaper!

I used to have to pay $2.50 - $2.70 upon boarding the cab then $2 peak period surcharge; total taxi fare is usually around $6.20. With the new rates and charges, I only paid $2.50 - $2.70 upon boarding and 35% of metered fare for peak period surcharge; total taxi fare is $5.45. So I paid $0.80 lesser the usual.

Not sure whether did the taxi uncle “forgot” to charge me any fare or this is actually how the new fare works. Maybe I try it out again this week and see if its really a “saving” for me.

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