Monday, December 17, 2007

A day With Sis

Yesterday went to visit sis with Little DinoEgg. Reached sis’ house around 12.30pm, stayed for a while then we make our way to White Sands for Burger King lunch~

Something funny happened while we were at the interchange walking toward White Sands. Cousin Farn; being the big brother, wanted to hold the little ones’ hands, initially he held Little DinoEgg’s hand and they took a few steps then he grabbed Cousin Han’s hand. When Little DinoEgg saw that, he struggles loose off Cousin Farn’s hand n grabbed Cousin Han’s hand. Then he tried to walk with her, but Cousin Han is not being cooperative, she stared at him, then at Cousin Farn and stay put hahahah~ Well Cousin Farn is not very happy with that so he took Little DinoEgg’s hand again n lead them down the road again.

When we reached Burger King, it was not crowded and we found a table at the corner. While sis orders the food, me and BIL (brother-in-law) sat with the kiddos.

This is the 1st time Little DinoEgg at so much French fries. Previously he only munched a few soft n soggy ones as he does not have any teeth yet. This time he is able to bite a small piece off the fries and chew it. This is also the 1st time Little DinoEgg sat in the baby chair for almost half an hour!!

After our lunch we made our way back to sis’ house as they are going out, going to Kids Explorer @ Downtown East. Sis keep asking me to go but I refuse to join them, coz (1) I am tired (2) Little DinoEgg just recovered from fever plus he is still have the flu and cough.

We took a cab home and I quickly give Little DinoEgg his milk-milk then force him to take his nap. I think its way pass his nap time plus he had so much fun at Sis’ house that he is over excited, did not give him time to calm down coz its already 4pm. If he do not nap now, then he will be cranky, he will want to sleep early BUT will wake up at the wee hours wide awake…

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