Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Encounter with the Vacuum Cleaner

Took leave to take care of Little DinoEgg today. Both of us woke up early, after his milk milk time, we were lazing around watching tv. Then I decided to vacuum the floor coz its getting dusty n with alot of my hair.

Took out the vacuum cleaner and started to vacuum, Little DinoEgg was very curious with the vacuum cleaner. This is not the 1st time he saw it (usually daddy will be vacuuming n I will be with him in the living room, preventing him to go near daddy) but its the 1st time he is up close n personal with it.

As I started to vacuum he came next to me, pointing to the vacuum cleaner, touching it, amazed by the loud sound it made (even imitating the sound) plus getting into my way. Finally I give in, let him hold the vacuum cleaner....

Happily playing with the vacuum cleaner

Wondery why he made that "shame shame" gesture...

I took the video with my samsung mobile phone, dunno how to adjust the camcorder settings thus the images came out so bad!

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