Monday, December 3, 2007

Down again...

Teacher Sue called me at 11.40am, told me Little DinoEgg passed 3rd time watery motion; means he's got diarrhea. She continued to tell me that another kid got the stomach flu virus, so she think maybe Little DinoEgg caught the virus too.

*sigh* When he just recovered from the recent fever, here he is again down with another illness.

Yesterday he only had watery motion twice, once in the morning n once in the afternoon. We thought it was something he ate OR tt yogurt we gave him that is causing him some stomach discomfort. Never did it cross our mind that it is something serious.

This morning when he wakes up he was ok too. Did not show any discomfort, was not cranky (ok only once when he finishes his milk, seems like he did not had enough BUT i made 240ml for him, 30ml more then his usual feed), was even playing with me while on the ride to school.

Called Daniel and asked him to fetch Little DinoEgg to see doctor coz I really have no idea how to handle diarrhea. Will take leave tomorrow to stay home and take care of him.


1pm - Daniel text me, say have to wait for 2 hours as there were 30 kiddos already queueing before him. 30 KIDDOS!!! Thats alot!! I mean, are all the kids falling sick recently???

2.37pm - Daniel text me, Little DinoEgg is getting cranky n out of hand. Plus he is hungry as he did not have his breakfast n lunch then he rushed down to fetch Little DinoEgg *uh-oh*

3.23pm - "ITS MORE THEN 3 HOURS WAIT!!!" *ooppssss*

3.43pm - "Done, going home now. Doc gave soya milk sample for Little DinoEgg to try. If he do not like it then mix half strength of milk."

How I wish I can fly back home NOW *sigh*

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