Sunday, December 2, 2007

Failed AGAIN!

My 3rd attempt to give Little DinoEgg the cod liver's oil fail again... SOOOO... that bottle of cod liver's oil will most likely ended up in the trash can UNLESS some kind souls (allo~ friends... anyone????) would like to rescue it from me! Contemplating whether to get the orange flavoured cod liver's oil... but orange causes phelgms ssoooo..... still thinking....

This afternoon Daddy cooked spagetti with tomatoe sauce for Little DinoEgg's lunch; one of his favourite food. However Little DinoEgg took 4-5 mouthful n was not interested in the food. I do not understand why he has not shown any interest in solid food these 2 days. Anyway, I though maybe I could make him finish his spagetti if I let him feed himself. Well, as expected, he made a total mess... initially uses the spoon to scoop the spagetti n managed to take a few mouthful. Then he starts to play with the spoon, using it to smash the spagetti, after tt he uses his hand to grab the spagetti n throw them onto the table n starts wiping them on the table... Ok I am angry, not I am MAD!! BUT i tell myself, this is expected so I kept my cool.

Later when I tried to show Little DinoEgg to use the spoon to scoop n he got angry, threw himself onto the floor n wail... I kept my cool again.. twice... thrice... THATS IT! Took away the food n spoon, cleaned up, all these while Little DinoEgg was on the floor, crying n wiggling like a worm. I totally ignored him.

So.. better luck next time... Now its *breath in~ breath out~* Relax... relax... relax....

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