Saturday, December 1, 2007

Vivo City

*Phew* finally managed to make Little DinoEgg go to zzz...

Today we went to Vivo City!!! Y suddenly decided to go Vivo? Coz we wanted to go Toysrus~~ hee~ coz they are having sale so we thought of going there to buy some toys for kiddos.

Our tentative meeting time is 5pm, Wendy+Mike+Mirabel+auntie Josie was the earliest to reach, then Jessie+Denise+Zenson then us; the Loh Family :P Ya we were late coz Little DinoEgg napped till 3.30pm, so by the time we stepped out of house, it was already 4.30pm, so took a cab n fly to Vivo. After that Ms Bec+Amber arrived. We hang around the rooftop sky park then proceed to Sushi Tei for early dinner (to avoid the huge crowd).

Ms Bec was worried that Sushi Tei does not have the space to accommodate 8 adults n 7 kiddos, but they managed to combine a few tables for us, including 6 high chairs :) We ordered our food and then patiently wait for the rest to turn up. Little DinoEgg seems to be enjoying himself, he ate 1 chawamushi n half of Daddy's eel rice!! With his satisfied stomach, comes all his nonsense... keep wantin Daddy to carry him etc -_- Totally ignoring me.

Finally after an hour or so, Amy+Romi+Amy's mum+Manfred & Elaine+Shyann arrived. Since Little DinoEgg has got his Daddy to accompany him, I helped Jessie to carry Zenson coz Denise was crying as she wants to go out of the restaurant to see the lights on the xmas trees. I tried to feed Zenson the rice but he was distracted. And when Romi comes, he saw him n starts crying -_-" I have to bring him out of the restaurant n distract him. After a while he is ok, then we go back to the restaurant.

Shyann was still having slight fever *hugz* due to the ulcers in her mouth, she was abit cranky and refuse to eat anything.... aawww~~~ poor ger~ *hug hugz*

Everyone had a good meal, then we proceed to Toysrus, which is just few shops away. The kiddos are so excited to see so many toys!!! Little DinoEgg saw a toy car and refuse to let it go. Later he saw a ball and was happily playing bounce-the-ball with Daddy, I took this opportunity to do my shopping :) When I meet up with the gang again, I saw that Denis, Amber & Manfred each were holding the same ball as Little DinoEgg. Apparantly all of them saw him playing so happily with that ball they also went to look for it hahaha~

After spending an hour n half inside there, we proceed to the pay for the toys. Its such a long queue but luckily the queue moves fast. I bought that ball and the toy car for Little DinoEgg; jus hope that he wun be throwing the ball so high that it hit our Buddha *crossing fingers*. Wanted to buy that doodle thing but Jessie says she could get it at $1 (WOW!) So Ms Jessie, pls remember to help me buy 1 for Little DinoEgg, thanks alot~~

We went our separate ways after Toysrus as its almost 9pm, most of the kiddos are tired n are yawning. Amy+Romi gave us a lift home ~THANKS AMY & ROMI, SORRY, ALWAYS TROUBLE YOU~

Lastly, received a msg fm Wendy, Mirabel was running a fever of 38.8Deg when they reached home. Oh dear Oh dear~~ Take care Mirabel~~ Auntie Jen kiss kiss n hug hug~
One last thing *APPLAUSE APPLAUSE* Elaine drove to Vivo n managed to park the car ALL BY HERSELF!!! Yeah~~~

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