Friday, January 11, 2008

17th Months Milestones

At 17th month, Little DinoEgg is still not opening his golden mouth to talk. Sometimes he simply just refuse to even nod or shake his head telling us whether he want or don't want something. Instead he will just cry n cry.... Sometimes he will just point n make baby sound, sometimes he will say a word like take, put, go, up, out, etc... When will he start to blabber???

He can point to which ever part of his body when u ask him; head, eyes, nose, ears, mouth n lift up his hands n leg to show u.

Yesterday night he said Fingers after me when I was wearing his jacket n trying to find his fingers in the sleeve n pull his arms through. I asked him "where are your fingers??" n he repeats after me :)

He also knows how to
- say Orry for Sorry, he will say it with his hands touch his head doing the sorry action.
- say Or-leng for Orange
- understand the word Yi Fu; clothes in mandarin by touching his clothes
- say Ball Ball; everything round regardless its a picture or a shape its a Ball -_-
- say Taxi then follow by flagging action
- say Nai-nai; Grandmother, FINALLY!!! MIL was sssooooo happy!! But he simply refuse to call Ye-Ye; Grandfather, dunno why.

Have gave him a chance to feed himself couple of weeks ago, since then some times he want to do it himself rather then we feed him. Trained him on using the cups few days ago and he is doing it on his own today. Good job son! Next thing to train him is to carry things, small light things of course. Now that he has got a Bob the Builder backpack as a Xmas present last year, can try to let him carry that bag with maybe 1 diaper n some tissues hahaha~

Thats all I can think of, will update as and when he learns new things :)

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