Friday, January 11, 2008

HFMD - 5th Day Afternoon

Daddy told me that Little DinoEgg finish some kuey tiao with soup, he put it in his Barney bowl and he ate it himself using the spoon to slowly scoope the noodle n into his mouth, ALL BY HIMSELF!!! Way to go son!! He also finishes all 240ml of milk using the bottle. Guess his throat n mouth are feeling better and his appetite is coming back. GREAT!!

He also learns how to drink water from a cup, something we taught him just 2-3 days ago when he does not want to use the straw to drink water due to the ulcers in his mouth. No more playing with the straws, or using the straws to stir the water, poke the cup etc. See him in action.

However, I just received a bad news from Bro, seems like Megan caught the HFDM virus... Bro says she has some red spots on her hands :( I feel so guilty... I hope that its a false alarm n its not HFMD...

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