Friday, January 11, 2008

HFMD - 5th Day Morning

Today Daddy is staying home taking care of Little DinoEgg, so I do not need to wake up so early. However I think my internal clock was so used to waking up at 530am that even though I was lying on the bed trying to sleep my mind was half awake. Climbed out of bed at 640am and went to shower & wash up. When I came of the the toilet, saw Little DinoEgg moving on his bed, kept real still and quiet for fear of waking him up. He turned around and went back to sleep *phew*

However, just as I stepped into the study room intending to do some updates in my blog, he woke up and came into the room to find me. I carried him back to his bed n let him laze around with Daddy while I boil water for his milk. He gave me a confused look while I go about getting my things ready to go to work. Daddy say he kept looking at me, I replied saying "He must be wondering how come he still have not change his clothes." Upon hearing the word "clothes" in mandarin, he pulled his tee. Another new word today :)

He drank his milk fm the bottle again *GREAT*, I sneaked out of the house while he is enjoying his milk otherwise he will definitely cry when he sees me walking out of the door.

Daddy text me at 9.48am, telling me that Little DinoEgg is still sleeping soundly after his milk @ 7am. I guess he is too tired as he did not have a good night sleep yesterday night. As usual kept waking up crying, Daddy have to coax him back to sleep and 30mins later he will cry again.... Hopefully these crying episode will end soon n all of us can have a well needed good night rest.

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