Thursday, January 10, 2008

HFMD - 4th Day Night

When I reached mum's home, I open the door to a very happy Little DinoEgg. He was playing with Granny, he saw me, freezed awhile then let out his famous loud laugh, after that turn round n round till he stumble n fall *silly son* Came to me for hugz n cuddle.

Mum told me that this afternoon he drank all 210ml of milk using the bottle YEAH!!! Good news!! Means his ulcers are recovering n not as painful as yesterday. However as sticky as ever to her thus she was unable to finish cooking dinner...

After a while wanted to feed Little DinoEgg porridge, he was very excited to see it, took 1 small mouth, swallow it n cry non stop!!! Oh dear!!! Maybe still not ok to swallow food :( We coaxed n tried to encourage him to eat but he doesn't want it. Keep pushing the bowl away n cry n cry... *sigh* so we took away the porridge.

Later when we got home, I made his milk and put it aside to let it cool down abit. He finishes about 200ml of milk and kept rubbing his eyes. Went off in his slumber land in a short while.

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