Monday, January 21, 2008


Daddy was cleaning the house, Little DinoEgg was trying to make a mess of everything... Suddenly he found the canes, took 1 each in his hands and say "BEAT-BEAT~ BEAT-BEATTTTTTTT!!!!" while waving the canes, even caning the table, sofa n floor -_-

Suddenly he froze, stood on his mattress, not moving, only using his fingers to play with the canes. I asked him "baby, what are you doing?? 你在大便?(Are you poo-ing?)" He nods his head; I asked him again "You sure you 大便?" He nods again. But i left him there coz not sure does he really understands my questions or not.

2 mins later, he is still at the same spot. I asked him again "Boy, u still 大便?" He nods his head vigourously; "You sure?!!!" *nods-nods-nods-nods* I turn back to my tv, waiting for him to finish his business; if thats what he is really doing.

A while later, he moved so I checked him n lo-and-behold~ poo poo inside his diaper~ So he is really telling me the truth :D

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