Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No more tears~

Little DinoEgg is improving, I mean on the going into school part. This morning I carried him to the door, put him down n he went limp, made noise. When Teacher Adeline carried him, he only "eerrrrr!!" once then he kept quiet.

Hope that gradually he will not make noise and eventually walk into the school by himself soon.

Oh another thing, he is going to playgroup in February!!! Maybe mid Feb since his birthday is on the 12th. However, he will be with Clara... Yesterday spoke to Teacher Siti, she says they will be on the same class, however Clara has improved alot. No more bitting n she is keeping Clara by her side (lest she decides to sink her teeth into someone again). Thats a piece of good news, means I do not need to worry Little DinoEgg fight with Clara in playgroup (remember he bit Clara once too few months ago?)

Things are going fine, my little rascal is growing up~~

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