Monday, January 7, 2008

Bloody Everywhere!

I ma having a bad throbbing headache, after what happened at 1235am this morning. Went to bed at 1205am, was really tired after a day out with Daddy & son, went into slumber land almost immediately.

Suddenly Daddy shouted "DEAR CAN YOU PLEASE COME AND HELP MEEEE!!!" I jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen, saw Daddy sitting on the floor, sugar all over in the kitchen with broken pieces of glass everywhere. On top of that, BLOOD EVERYWHERE!!! My brain immediately woke up!

Daddy had dropped the sugar container and it came crashing onto the floor, spilling the sugar. The flying glass cut Daddy near the left heel, it was a small cut but blood is flowing out non stop, it must be a very deep cut. I took a cream n applied on his feet to stop the blood flowing. All these commotion woke Little DinoEgg up but think he is also very tired to kicked up a big fuss. I could only attend to Daddy for that short while as I need to attend to Little DinoEgg, try to pat him back to sleep.

After about 45mins I emerge from the bedroom; had a hard time getting Little DinoEgg back to sleep... Daddy managed to stop the blood flowing but the min he stand up n put pressure on his feet, blood flow out again... So I put on the handyplast and told him to tip-toe his left feet so that he would not put pressure on the cut thus opening up the wound n making the blood flow out again.

Everything sort of settled at close to 2am... after making sure Daddy is ok n will not be walking around unnecessarily (he still want to watch tv in the living room) I headed off to bed. No sooner have I close my eyes, my alarm went off and its time to get up to work.... *YAWN*

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