Sunday, January 6, 2008

Its Family Day!

This afternoon was at Sis Hoon's house as her precious 2nd daughter; my niece, Ivy is getting married today. They are hold a small private buffet at their house. Reached there around 1pm though we were told to be there at 12-1230pm as Little DinoEgg had his morning nap late. By the time he wakes up n got ready it was already 1230pm. Today me n sis decided to let the kiddos wear the brown FOX tee that sis bought. I thought she will tell Bro to let Megan wear it too but she did not, say she feel shy to ask SIL to put that on for Megan... Well anyway, 3 kiddos wearing the same tee is sure a sight to see~

Nevertheless, Ivy is so beautiful n pretty! Too bad I did not get a chance to take her pictures. This is because we saw soooo many relatives who saw Little DinoEgg and wanted to play, say hello, carry him. This little fella suddenly got so shy and cling to us like a koala bear -_- Daddy cannot even get out of his sight to get food....

After a while, he got warmed up BUT only to his little cousins n of course Granny, he played with all of them so happily. We left Sis Hoon's place slightly after 2pm and headed to Sis' house. And since Little DinoEgg seldom have chance to meet up with his Cousin Megan, I want to let them spend some time together at every possible opportunity.

Well it seems that I am not alone~ Cousin Farn especially like Cousin Megan and sticks to her like bee to honey hahahah~ Even tried to teach 2yr old Megan how to play Logico, which is way too difficult for her. The kiddos have such fun playing n interacting with each other. We, jus sit back, relax, chat, etc. The kiddos did not even cry or snatch toys, all play peacefully hehehe~

We proceed to Ikea to walk around. We were afraid the place will be packed but surprisingly the crowd is still ok, no squeezing, pushing, elbowing etc After walking through the 2nd level, we were hungry so headed to the cafeteria, wow~ so here are where the crowd gone to haha~ We were prepared to walk around the cafeteria for some time before we can get a big table, luckily there was a family who just so happen to finish their meals and we took over their table. Its a fun filled meal, kiddos did not cry or make noise in protest, even Little DinoEgg was happily sitting in the high chair enjoying his tomato sauce spagetti, chicken n potato.

Towards the end of our meal, guess what?? Randy with Demi slinged onto him came up to use to say Hello!!! Fancy meeting them here! Just in time too! As they can take over our table. I went over to the cashier to seek out Diana, chatted a while and we parted way.

We continue shopping on the 1st level then headed home. Bro send us back ~THANLS BRO & SIL FOR THE RIDE HOME~ Reached home around 730pm, gave milk to Little DinoEgg and patted him to sleep. He is so tired out, on top of that he only had slightly over an hour's nap in the morning n misses his afternoon nap. Had an enjoyable day today with my family, hope there will be more chances for us to do this this year.

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