Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dinner @ Mum's House

Went back to mum's house for dinner on last Sunday 30 Dec'07 as sis & kiddos are going back. Its been quite some time since we last saw them. Coincidentally Simon n Ya-ya jie-jie is at home too! We have not seen them since Nov'07.

Little DinoEgg enjoyed all of their company. He had fun playing with his cousins and especially love the company of his 2nd Uncle n Ya-ya jie-jie. Most importantly he gets to stay inside Simon's room, climbed up his bed and play.

I am not sure what they were playing in the room but its clearly Little DinoEgg is enjoying himself.

I took a peep and Ya-Ya showed me this box. She said they were playing with the 2 balls n the box when suddenly Little DinoEgg took the balls, put them into the box, took the man put into the box, took the lid n cover the box.

So smart of him! He always does not fail to amaze us with his achievements.

I also brought over the christmas presents I prepared for Farn & Han. Han got a lovely nice top from Gymboree an 2 hair clips. The purple clip looks too common when I received it through mail last week but when its on Han's hair, it suddenly stands out. And boy! Han really love to make herself look pretty. When the minute she saw the hair clips, its as if by instinct she knows its suppose to go on to her hair. She point to the hair clips, point to her head n make noise, telling sis that she wants that on her head IMMEDIATELY! And when I try to take her pictures, she is all ready to pose n smile. Vain-Pot~~

Farn love his presents too, its a Tigger pencil case, Tigger note book n a Pooh pencil set complete with eraser n pencil holder.

After dinner while we are resting n watching TV in the living room, little Han decided that she has enough rest and wanted to go home. She took her pretty little red shoes, sat down and tried her very best to wear them. Of course she failed hahahaha~ Took the right shoe n try to wear on her left feet, silly girl~ After a while she still cannot put them on, she gave up and went off to find things to play with.

This Little DinoEgg really like to bully his cousin Han. When Granny feed Han water, he again openly protest n then sit in between them, trying to block Granny from Han *faintz* He even snatched the big yellow ball from Cousin Han. Cousin Farn; being the ever protective big brother, snatched it back from Little DinoEgg and gave it to his little sister.

Its so much fun to see the kids get together and interact. Too bad brother is not free to come back with SIL & little Megan, otherwise the house will be more noisy n cheerful~

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