Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fun with Grandma

Grandma came to visit today. Its been about a month sine she last saw Little DinoEgg and she misses him so much. She came down straight after her work and stayed for dinner.

Little DinoEgg stick to her like glue! Even abandon Daddy hahahah~ but no love lost, as Daddy gets a breather away from him too :P

We ordered KFC as Daddy was too tired to cook. We decided to let Little DinoEgg have some chicken n mashed potato. However he refuse to take any chicken but is highly interested in the mashed potato. We put it in his bowl n let him feed himself. He was happily scooping up the food n putting it into his mouth, each time he does that he will say "aahhh--uummmm!" loudly. Never mind that the mashed potato lands on his cheeks, nose, lips, chin instead of inside his mouth. He was enjoying it and is clearly proud of himself.

As for us, needless to say we are happy that he has progress 1 step further.

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