Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good start for the day

Its a beautiful day~

Woke up early the usual n not feeling sleepy etc. Little DinoEgg had a peaceful sleep too, did not wake up crying. He even snuggle up to me but "escape" when I put my arms onto his body, too heavy for him hahah~

Little DinoEgg woke up slightly early too, got down the bed with his pacifier n smelly, came walking out of the bedroom looking for me. Found me in his room packing his school bed. Dunno what came over him, when I kept his clothes in his bag, he freaked out, point to the bag n keep saying "no-no no-no". I thought he was having his morning tantrums episode so I told him "mummy's going to make ur MILK, you want to come along?" No reaction from him so I walked out of the room leaving him whinning.

While in the kitchen making his milk, he came out whinning and guess wat? Dragging his bag n holding up the strap asking me to take it *duhz* Even MILK-MILK also cannot pacify him, I have to ask him twice before he decides he wants milk n let go of the strap.

Had a peaceful change diaper-change clothes-wear shoes-take bags-open door and out we go~ Planned to take the cab to school but saw 163A approaching, took a hard look at the bus, its almost empty so we hopped onto it :D Little DinoEgg was kinda confused as he was expecting us sitting in a cab as this is the 1st time he takes a bus instead. Something out of his normal routine. His big round eyes were scanning n looking at every thing n everyone in the bus.

We alighted after few bus stops n change to LRT, reached school at the same time we took our usual route of LRTs n cab. Not too bad, at least this morning I dun have to take a long walk to LRT station n pay $7+ for cab fare.

AND THE BEST PART OF TODAY IS~ Little DinoEgg did not cry or whine when we are at the centre's door, he even wanted to walk in himself BUT Teacher Adeline just scoop him up *%^*%$*&#$&$$%^#

My trick? I let him peep through the window and into his play area. There was this little baby on the floor wriggling, that got him interested as he was smiling. So I told him "you see baby~ do you want to play with baby? Ok, u come down and we walk to school to find baby~" I let him down n he made a lame protest of "mummy~" but I distracted him by quickly holding his hands and say "lets go and find baby~"

Yeah! Lets cross our fingers n hope tomorrow will be the same if not better.

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