Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello dear friend~

Met Sok Hoon, an old friend this morning in the train! So happy to see her!! Even though we stay in the same neighbourhood we do not have time to meet up.

Sat in the train n when the train stops at Seng Kang, I happen to look and and saw this lady with a boy walked in, then I realised its Sok Hoon :P What a surprise~ Had a pleasant chat with her, catching things up. Her son is so handsome~ Very well mannered too. And have to thanks him for creating this meet up. sok Hoon was saying he usually sleeps till 730am and wake up, but today he suddenly woke up early so they went out of the house early.

Let me see... I have know Sok Hoon for more then 10yrs!!! hahaa~ From my Tumble Tots days!! Wow time flies! I think I must keep in touch with her more often :P Maybe ask her over for 1 of our gatherings.

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