Monday, January 21, 2008

"Heart attack"

This morning while walking to office, got a call from child care centre. Teacher Siti called... She said she found red spots at Little DinoEgg's mouth n he was having diarrhea!!!

I was so shock!!! yesterday at Dr Koh's clinic there was no red spots etc etc how come the minute he steps into the centre red spots starts appearing???

I told Teacher Siti that his diarrhea maybe becoz of the papaya he took yesterday,he got serious constipation; he pooped small stone like poo :( Told her that he got a cert from doctor yesterday nite that he has recovered from HFMD. Suddenly Teacher Siti says, "oh he got the HFMD?? And recovered?? eh.... wait... this is Loh XXX XXX?? Oh dear!!! Wrong baby!!!" I almost faint...

However I still remind Teacher Siti that Little DinoEgg may have loose bowels due to the papaya he took yesterday. Hopefully he is able to "release" his "junk" today as pass few days its all small stones like, hard n dry.

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