Sunday, January 20, 2008


Visted Dr Koh again just now. 1st thing he asked is "he still have rashes?" Of course NO~~ just becoz of 1 hand written letter signed by Dr Koh, we have to make our way down again :(

He got a clean bill again, Dr Koh says to Little DinoEgg "you are so troublesome.... ok go go I dun wanna see u till next year!" hahaha~ This Dr Koh...

Anyway their wun be a chance of relaspe coz I have changed his pacifiers & milk bottle teats at home, at granny's home and at child care centre. Also Dr Koh says to eat more VitC to boost his immune system to fight off any virus attacks. I only started Little DinoEgg on VitC tablets mid Dec'07, guess it did not managed to boost his immune systems well enough to fight off this HFMD.

So shooo-shooo HFMD virus! GO AWAY n STAY AWAY!!!

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