Saturday, January 19, 2008

Word of the day - 大便 *poo-poo*

Daddy was preparing Little DinoEgg for bath, earlier he pooped and daddy was cleaning him, he said "Shit... you 大便 ". I walked into the room and asked what happeded, daddy say "nothing, he pooped." n carried Little DinoEgg to the toilet.

Few seconds later i heard daddy laughing, thought he was playing with Little DinoEgg. Then daddy appeared back into the room still laughing, he said to Little DinoEgg "tll mummy wat did u say just now?" At first he kept quiet, then sudden he say softly " 大便" then laugh so sweetly haha~

Learning this word is good, next time when I need to toilet train him at least he will know how to say that when he needs to do his business :D

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