Sunday, January 13, 2008

~Masks Masks~

Recently bought some masks through a BP organised in a forum I frequent, this morning went to Compass Point to collect them.

Mask#1: Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Mask
Mask #2: Vitamin C Mask
Mask #3: Q10 Collagen Mask

Have been wanting to try them but do not have time till Little DinoEgg zzz n after I bath.

I tried the Aloe Vera+Vit E mask. When I opened the packet, I can see alot of "water" inside it, I removed the mask and its soak with essence. The mask comes with a plastic backing which makes putting on the mask real easy n less messy.

25mins later my face absorbed the required essence making it soft, hydrate n smooth. Even so, the mask is still wet with the essence, not wanting to waste is, I rub the mask onto my hands, elbow, knee caps n feet. I massaged the essence into them n VIOLA~~ all of them feels soft n smooth ~woohoo~ Even my heels feels smooth, all those rough skins are soft!!!

Elaine, u will definately love the masks!!! I am definately going to order some more!!!

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