Sunday, January 13, 2008

HFMD - 7th Day Night

So happy!!! Think Little DinoEgg is recover though may not be 100% as the ulcer are still there. Even so, they are recovering as today he can eat cake, kuey tiao, fish balls, fish cakes n KFC whipped potato without complaining.

We were suppose to bring him back to Dr Koh for check up this evening but it rained cats n dogs with thunders n lightning. Therefore have to postpone the trip to tomorrow. Tomorrow will send him to Granny's house then I will pick him up from there n proceed to Dr Koh's clinic. Hopefully he can get a clean bill and return to school on Tuesday.

BTW, this morning I met teacher Nita at Compass Point, she asked how is Little DinoEgg n I told her he is recovering. She told me last Friday they sent another kid home as the kid has red spots on the diaper area. Uh-oh.... Little DinoEgg spread the virus to his friends :( Hopefully its only this kid and the virus will stop spreading.

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