Monday, January 14, 2008

We are not going shopping???

This morning when I dropped Little DinoEgg at Granny's house, surprisingly when he stepped into the house n saw Granny, he whined n hide in between my legs as if Granny is a stranger n this is the 1st time he is at Granny's house -_- Granny carried him and managed to pacify him. When I tried to take off his shoes n socks, he cried again n kept shaking his head trying to say he dun want to...

Granny n mine concluded that since he has been cooped up at home for the pass 1 week, he probably thought that I am bringing him out for some shopping. Hmmm... maybe if tonight he is being certified as fully recovered fm HFMD, I bring him out for shopping tomorrow?

Let's see how first....

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