Monday, February 18, 2008

2nd day of Lunar New Year

Its off to 6th yee-por's house today~ Little DinoEgg is in his Urban cap, Old Navy strips collar tee, Old Navy jeans, no brand socks and Bubblegummers shoes. Handsome right??!!!

If that picture on the right he was making some funny faces which I did not managed to catch the expression. The camera caught the image when he just done the funny face, thus his eyes look so weird...

We stayed at 6th yee-por till 9pm, daddy playing mahjong while Little DinoEgg walk around playing with the older cousins, irritating grandma, daddy, mummy etc etc Plus his frequent trips to the kitchen to get some food from 6th yee-por or anyone sitting in the kitchen eating *faintz*

He simply enjoy himself to the max, knocked off in the cab during our 10mins ride home.

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