Monday, February 18, 2008

1st day of Lunar New Year

Little DinoEgg woke up early; around 630am, but I pat him back to sleep coz its holiday and he can sleep late. 2hours later he is up and about. We gave him the red packets, he is still too young to understand the significant of this. He took it, study it then decides to crumple it *faintz* Lucky I "rescue" then red packets fast enough.

Later that day, we are all dressed up to go Granny's house. See Little DinoEgg in his new Old Navy polo tee, long pants, Smally socks, Twinkle Toes shoes n Urban cap. Isn't he simply handsome and adorable?? Hahah~ 1 proud mum talking hehehe~

We proceeded to Great Grandpa's house where we meet up with all the yee-pors n jiu-gong (its daddy's auntie n uncles). We have a great time there, daddy as usual play mahjong while me n Little DinoEgg busy ourselves with the food, tv n walking around the house or watching them playing mahjong.

Daddy wanted to play another round of mahjong so I went home with Little DinoEgg too. As he's been out of the house since 1pm+ and no afternoon nap, he knock off within minutes in the cab... even did not wake up when we alight the cab, change his diaper, clothes n put on his pj... see how tired he was....

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